Be wary of spiders
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Ohai, my name is Dix, I'm 16 and I'm from Italy. I love to keep warm under the covers with my plushes. I love chocolate, viedeogames, manga and cuddling. I think cuddling it's a very nice thing. Like hugs. I got a heart small like a spider, broken like glass and black like the shadows.
I have a beautifull girlfriend. No, really, she's so cute, even if she's taller than me. That makes her even more adorable for me. She repaired my heart with all her love. But we can't meet often, so i'll just stay here, waiting for her. Meanwhile i can reblog something.


if u ever meet me in real life do me a favor and hug me for like 2 solid days ok I’m a very sad very cuddly person



Some sort of weird husky ritual magic.




I mean srsly how often do you see a snail drink water?

oh my goodness this is actually the cutest thing

oh my gosh it’s adorable!

Yo there’s an adorable snail drinking water on your dash

Reblog that shit

this is weirdly hypnotic


probably the highest quality gif I’ve seen in a while

and it’s a snail

I thought snails would transform into butterflies


what if eve came in cool and fun colors 


A work in progress because I don’t know which characters to put in.

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