Be wary of spiders
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Ohai, my name is Dix, I'm 16 and I'm from Italy. I love to keep warm under the covers with my plushes. I love chocolate, viedeogames, manga and cuddling. I think cuddling it's a very nice thing. Like hugs. I got a heart small like a spider, broken like glass and black like the shadows.
I have a beautifull girlfriend. No, really, she's so cute, even if she's taller than me. That makes her even more adorable for me. She repaired my heart with all her love. But we can't meet often, so i'll just stay here, waiting for her. Meanwhile i can reblog something.


I sincerely feel ill.


"I’m through with these feline creatures!"


When people say I have hidden potential

"Who you callin’ little?"

That little girl is a puzzle..

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